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    Mr Wickers and his class go on one final school trip after they finish their GCSEs.

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    I found myself laughing out loud. Iain Glen is brilliant. The fact that he has this wonderful face, that he looks like this weather beaten Cornish romantic fisherman/murderous rebel actually does tether the movie in some mythic way. You have this fantastic performance that is almost straight but is very funny as well.

    BBC’s Front Row, Hannah McGill

    Game of Thrones star Iain Glen is on scene-stealing form as a salty sea dog who believes a little too passionately in Cornish independence, and his character’s plans turn what was a by-the-numbers sitcom movie into something a bit more unexpected and ambitious. But it’s funny – oftentimes laugh-out-loud funny – with toilet humour playing its part, but rubbing shoulders with clever word-play, some good slapstick, homages to E.T. and The Wicker Man, a spot of social satire, and dick jokes. Lots of dick jokes.
    Whitehall and co-writer Freddy Syborn make some unexpected narrative choices, director Elliot Hegarty directs in a style that transcends the show’s small-screen roots, and ultimately there are enough good jokes to make the feature a worthwhile endeavour.

    IGN US, Chris Tilly

    Funny? Bad Education is unexpectedly hilarious, and that’s before the plot proper kicks in, with Whitehall’s Alfie Wickers becoming the leader of a toothless band of Cornish terrorists led by Iain Glen.
    Written by Whitehall and the TV-show’s co-creator Freddy Syborn and directed smartly by TV’s Elliot Hegarty, making his feature debut, Bad Education is not by any means well-funded but marries a strong sense of comic timing with a visual ambition which knows its limitations. Unlike others of its type, this film isn’t at all harsh on the eye, and Hegarty makes playful cinematic references throughout which underscore the performances and some snappy writing.

    Screen Daily, Fionnuala Halligan

  • Credits

    Jack Whitehall
    Alfie Wickers
    Iain Glen
    Mathew Horne
    Harry Enfield
    Martin Wickers
    Joanna Scanlan
    Susan Polter
    Sarah Solemani
    Rosie Gulliver
    Jack Binstead
    Rem Dogg
    Ethan Lawrence
    Joe Poulter
    Weruche Opia
    Talulah Riley
    Nikki Runeckles
    Kae Alexander
    Lindsay Adams
    Peggy Sue
    Kae Alexander
    Paul Blackwell
    Armed Police
    David Brain
    German Teacher
    Tom Davis
    Big Tom
    Anthony Farrelly
    Armed Police
    David Gant
    Hilary Gish
    Mrs. Carmichael
    Richard Glover
    Tour Guide
    Jeremy Irvine
    Atticus Hoye
    Bruce Mackinnon
    Grant Dodd
    Colin Matthews
    Mchael Hoye, M.P.
    Steve Oram
    Officer Rowe
    Commander Andrews
    Sheila Reid
    Max Rinehart
    Steve Speirs
    Josh Taylor
    Elliot Hegarty
    Ben Cavey
    Pippa Brown
    Pete Rowe