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    In this modern day reimagining of Anna Sewell’s timeless classic, we follow Black Beauty, a wild horse born free in the American west.

    Rounded up and taken away from her family, Beauty is brought to Birtwick Stables where she meets a spirited teenage girl, Jo Green. Beauty and Jo forge an unbreakable bond that carries Beauty through the different chapters, challenges, and adventures of her life.

    Currently available to stream on Disney+.

  • Reviews

    As the wild horse and the heart-broken girl slowly bond, “Black Beauty” transforms into a heart-warming tale of the power of love.

    IndieWire, Kate Erbland

    This updated version of Black Beauty is well-done and touches upon some important points about being connected to animals, nature, and learning to care for others.

    Film Threat, Sabina Dana Plasse

    For more than a century, every generation has had its cinematic adaptation of “Black Beauty,” and while the new Disney+ version switches the genders of the magnificent horse as well as the young protagonist and moves the locale from the English countryside of the late 19th century to the American West of today, it’s thematically and spiritually faithful to Anna Sewell’s timeless classic, from the horse serving as narrator to the episodic nature of the storyline to the powerful and still-relevant message about humane treatment of animals — and the undeniably healing and lasting dynamic between human and creature.
    I loved this movie. Yes, it’s an unapologetically sentimental, anthropomorphic, family-friendly, sugar-sweet story aimed squarely at the younger members of your brood — and stop me if you think there’s anything wrong with that. This is a beautifully uplifting film at a time we can all use a dose of old-fashioned, cynicism-free storytelling. Writer-director Ashley Avis and her production team have created a gorgeous, sweeping epic (please watch this on the biggest screen available in your house), with Kate Winslet voicing Black Beauty’s thoughts and feelings to heart-melting effect, the wonderfully talented Mackenzie Foy delivering a sublime performance as the girl who finds a kindred spirit in Black Beauty, and Iain Glen from “Game of Thrones” and “Downton Abbey” playing the most dashing and empathetic horse whisperer this side of Robert Redford.
    “Black Beauty” isn’t one of those photorealistic movies with animals literally talking, e.g., the most recent versions of “The Lion King” and “Doctor Dolittle.” From the moment we meet the energetic and adventure-seeking mustang foal who will be named Black Beauty, roaming free in the wild with her mother and extended family, her thoughts and emotions are expressed through Winslet’s warm and comforting voice-over.
    The 2020 edition of “Black Beauty” is among the best versions I’ve ever seen.

    Chicago Sun, Richard Roeper

  • Credits

    Mackenzie Foy
    Jo Green
    Kate Winslet (voice)
    Black Beauty
    Iain Glen
    John Manly
    Claire Forlani
    Mrs Winthorp
    Patrick Lyster
    Mr Winthorp
    Fern Deacon
    Georgina Winthorp
    Calam Lynch
    George Winthorp
    Hakeem Kae-Kazim
    Matt Rippy
    Henry Gordon
    David Sherwood
    Mr York
    Deon Lotz
    Max Raphael
    David Dukas
    Jennifer’s Father
    Luke Tyler
    Greg Parvess
    Sienna Wallace
    Alex Jeaven
    Sascha Nastasi
    Mark Elderkin
    Annica Liljeblad
    Dr Woods
    Bjorn Steinbach
    Hanni Heinrich
    Mrs Gordon
    Ashley Avis