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  • Synopsis

    Passionate cook Gina (Dawn French) was once married to Leo Vincent (Iain Glen), a successful entrepreneur, chef and hotel owner in Cornwall.

    Leo owes much of his success to Gina’s exceptional cooking, but since leaving her for the glamorous Sam (Emilia Fox), his business has continued to thrive.

    When Sam has suspicions that Leo is having an affair she confides in Gina, confident that she’ll recognise the signs. Only to later discover that it’s Gina herself who is the ‘other woman’. The secrets and scandals that spill out are proof that sleeping with another woman’s husband is never a good idea – even if he was your husband first.

    As Sam and Gina try to fix their broken families, will a friendship rise from the ashes of betrayal or will they tear each other apart?

    Delicious is an honest and compelling story of love, sex, lies and betrayal, where things are never as they seem.

  • Reviews

    The series has offered a visual feast but it’s the sure-footed storytelling and strong central performances that has got me hooked.

    – Radio Times

    This wonderful comedy drama is Sky 1’s most successful drama of the year. Dawn French and Iain Glen are cooking up a storm in Sky 1’s tasty new drama.

    – The Mirror

    There is an impressive cast for this new four-part drama by Dan Sefton. Dawn French tops the bill as a Sicilian cook called Gina who is divorced from chef and hotel owner Leo, played by Iain Glen. She also happens to be friends with his new partner Sam (Emilia Fox), who suspects Leo is cheating on her. Gina, of course, would know all the telltale signs. Sheila Hancock co-stars as Leo’s mother Mimi.

    But the truly tasty and intriguing thing about this drama is its sudden change of direction at the end of the first instalment. Set in Cornwall it looks beautiful as well. But it is not unalloyed cheer. A suicidal Michelin judge Sam and Leo’s troubled anorexic daughter add a dark and piquant edge to an ultimately satisfying platter.

    – Radio Times
  • Awards

    • Broadcasting Press Guild Awards 2018: Nominated for Best Single Drama/Mini-Series
  • Credits

    Iain Glen
    Leo Vincent
    Dawn French
    Gina Benell
    Emilia Fox
    Sam Vincent
    Tanya Reynolds
    Teresa Benelli
    Ruairi O’Connor
    Michael Vincent
    Sheila Hancock
    Mimi Vincent
    Kemi-Bo Jacobs
    Cesare Taurasi
    Mark Letheren
    Dio Tremayne
    Vinette Robinson
    Obi Abili
    Reverend Norton
    Risteard Cooper
    James Harley
    Hetti Bywater
    Jonathan Jaynes
    Clyde Palmer
    Nicholas Woodeson
    Allen Billington
    Ed Coleman
    Estate Agent
    Elaine Claxton
    Jan Billington
    Elaine Caulfield
    Taxi Driver
    Pandora Colin
    DI Marilyn Hicks
    James Doherty
    Erich Redman
    Swiss Man
    Peter Pacey
    Michelin Man
    Melanie Gray
    Roger Barclay
    Maître D’
    Mark Roper
    Georgina Rylance
    Ned Porteous
    Dan Sefton
    Clare Kilner
    John Hardwick
    Jamie Cairney
    Phillipa Giles