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Glasgow Kiss

by BBC, Wall to Wall


Glasgow Kiss is a lovely six-part comedy series chronicling the personal and professional dramas in the lives of Stuart (a sport’s writer for a failing daily newspaper) and Cara (a troubleshooter who’s been brought in to turn the paper round).

The two are instantly attracted and begin an unexpected love affair. But the road to true love never runs smoothly: The beauty of Glasgow is revealed through glorious cinematography and the wit and emotions of the story are echoed in the vibrant green parks and dark Gothic architecture. A funny, touching and captivating romance.


Glasgow Kiss has a feel-good debut script by the well named Stephen Greenhorn and is smartly directed by Jonny Campbell who has enrolled the city of Glasgow as a member of the cast. Anyone going on holiday and capable of such a feat should program their videos to avoid missing what is an extremely rare visitor to these shores, a cracking good love story.

– Daily Mail, Peter Paterson

The impeccable Iain Glen plays Stuart, a recently widowed Glasgow sports reporter: A witty script and excellent lead performances (Glen and Sharon Small) made one relish the by-play between these inevitable lovers.

– The Times

Iain Glen is a terrific actor. Unlike many stage actors he manages to pull in his performance for the small screen and play it minimally with his face.

– The Sunday Times, AA Gill


Iain Glen
Stuart Morrison
Sharon Small
Cara Rossi
Gordon Kennedy
Ewan Sommerville
Billy McColl
Howard Craig
Neil McKinven
Dominic DeMarco
Ruth Millar
Jess Rossi
Juliet Cadzow
Rosa Rossi
John Stahl
Joe Rossi
John Murtagh
Mr. Bruce
Mabel Aitken
Alex Gemmell
Leigh Biagi
Miss Clifford
Therese Bradley
Marisa Connelly
Gowan Calder
Anne Downie
Moira Gemmell
Robert Greenhalgh
Denis Morrison
Caroline Guthrie
Kirsty McNeil
Max Manganello
Paolo Renucci
Carmen Pierquaccini
Francesca Casaro
Gabriel Quigley
Mel McGrath
Billy Riddoch
Forbes Johnstone
Jamie Sives
Paul Gilchrist
James Larkin
Nick Simpson
Simon Weir
Tommy Hannon
Richard Wallis
Jonny Campbell (ep 1-3)
Rob Bailey (ep 4-6)
Stephen Greenhorn
Jane Featherstone


Iain Glen is a terrific actor. Unlike many stage actors he manages to pull in his performance for the small screen.