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  • Synopsis

    John Harris, an American drug enforcement officer, is asked by London police to help them in cracking an organized drug ring.

    The syndicate is run by a ruthless young American who turns disaffected young Britons into hardened criminals. The gang has gunned down a well-known mobster and supplies cheap heroin to dance clubs all over London. Harris hooks up with British police officer Edward Foster and they discover that the drug ring is just a small part of a huge international mob. They recruit teenager Chris O’Neill, a club-land barman eager for revenge after the murder of his father in the latest legacy of gangland violence. As they edge ever closer to the kill, London braces itself for a bloody battle in which the young suspects may ultimately become the victims.

  • Credits

    Harvey Keitel
    John Harris
    Craig Kelly
    Christian O’Neill
    Thandie Newton
    Rachael Stevens
    Iain Glen
    Edward Foster
    John Wood
    Richard Donnelly
    Terence Rigby
    Sidney Callow
    Keith Allen
    Jack Doyle
    Viggo Mortensen
    Carl Frazer
    Dave Duffy
    Louis Carnegie
    Geoffrey McGivern
    Brian Carver
    Nigel Clauzel
    Lionel Stevens
    Huggy Leaver
    Mark Byrne
    Dig Wayne
    Gary Washington
    Christopher Adamson
    Billy Cohen
    James Duggan
    Dermot O’Neill
    Anna Keaveney
    Katie Arnold
    John Forgeham
    Detective Gray
    Clifford Predgen
    Detective Clark
    David Doyle
    Robert Dean
    Norman Roberts
    Dwayne Henry
    Nick Burnell
    Frank Pierce
    Phil Lonagan
    Pierce’s Bodyguard
    Toni Palmer
    Pierce’s Widow
    Joan Hooley
    Lionel’s Mother
    Adrian Lucas
    Danny Cannon
    Danny Cannon
    David Hilton
    Alison Owen
    Paul Trijbits
    Vernon Layton



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