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RADA Magazine (The Blue Room)

It was good to see you back on stage in The Blue Room, David Hare’s new version of Arthur Schnitzler’s ‘La Ronde’.

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Vogue (The Blue Room)

So what kind of a way to spell your name is ‘Iain’? Mr. Glen grins. “The right way!”

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In Theatre, Broadway (The Blue Room)

Now And Glen: Getting intimate with The Blue Room star Iain Glen.

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Daily Telegraph (The Blue Room)

Jane Edwards talks to Nicole Kidman and Iain Glen.

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Daily Telegraph (Martin Guerre)

In and around the Prince Edward Theatre a sense of bristling urgency is evident.

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The Times (Henry V)

American film studios are wooing the latest star in the firmament of the Royal Shakespeare Company…

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Sunday Express (King Lear)

It was, without doubt, the largest gathering of egos since the Oscars ceremony.

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Scotland on Sunday (Macbeth)

Double, double, toil no trouble. Iain Glen has never seen Macbeth produced…

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The Weekender (Macbeth)

This is no Bragger I see before me. Iain Glen is not insecure, but he’s certainly not one to blow his own trumpet.

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Evening Standard (Silent Scream)

A young man in luck. With one major film award under his belt, actor Iain Glen is heading for greater achievements.

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Time Out (The Man Who Had All The Luck)

Up a winding stair, in a sunlit garret, Iain Glen is a figure at odds with the office furniture.

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Evening Standard (Hapgood)

Gorgeous Iain Glen. A Canny Scotsman. He’s set for the top – but only on his own terms.

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Time Out (The Fear)

Face of Fear: Half devil, half angel, Iain Glen is the ace face of the moment as ‘The Fear’s’ brutal villain.

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