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The Herald (The Rig)

Iain Glen on The Rig: ‘There was the odd mishap. I fell off a crane’

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The Times (The Rig)

The actor tells Julia Llewellyn Smith about The Rig, fatherhood, and being a sex symbol in his sixties.

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The Scotsman (The Rig)

Why Iain Glen is proud of supernatural North Sea thriller The Rig.

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The Telegraph (The Cane Field Killings)

Iain Glen remembers meeting ‘childhood god’ David Bowie, witnessing the birth of his kids and his career highlight.

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The Independent (The Cane Field Killings & Game of Thrones)

Iain Glen on his new South Africa-set detective drama.

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WION (Mrs Wilson)

Iain Glen’s recent venture as mystery man Alexander Wilson.

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DStv (Reyka)

Iain Glen breaks down his character, Angus Speelman, and his sinister agenda in local crime drama Reyka.

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Collider (Mrs Wilson & Game of Thrones)

Iain Glen on his twisty Mrs Wilson character and the end of Game of Thrones.

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The Resident (Game of Thrones)

Iain Glen on life in Dulwich & the last series of Game of Thrones.

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Vanity Fair (Jack Taylor)

Iain Glen’s Jack Taylor is the perfect fix for your Game of Thrones withdrawal.

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Sydney Morning Herald (Thrones, Cleverman)

Iain Glen on Game of Thrones, Aboriginal culture and the wonders of public transport.

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Evening Standard (Fortune’s Fool)

Game of Thrones fans know him from TV but to followers of Russian theatre Iain Glen is the go-to actor.

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TV Times (Jack Taylor)

Former Downton star Iain Glen on his new role as a detective with a taste for drink, women and danger.

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Daily Mail (Jack Taylor)

Iain Glen on his latest role as a booze-soaked cop, getting intimate with Nicole Kidman, and why his Downton villain should have got the girl…

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Hampstead & Highgate Express (Longing)

Full house buzz to run and run with Iain Glen and ‘Longing’.

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