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  • Synopsis

    Black And Blue is a memorable and hard-hitting single drama from G.F. Newman that follows a black West Country PC who is drafted into the Met.

    He is instructed to work undercover on a run-down council estate after the murderer of a local politician who was investigating rumours that the local CID had been secretly killing off drug dealers. Newman remains a formidable thorn in the side of the Establishment.

  • Credits

    Sidney Cole
    Del Lindo
    Martin Shaw
    Chief Supt. Mike Barclay
    Iain Glen
    Commander. Powell
    David Thewlis
    Crematorium attendant
    Ray Winstone
    Charlie Brett-Smith
    Don Henderson
    Daddy Brett-Smith
    Christopher John Hall
    Maurice Knight
    David Morrissey
    DC Norman Mills
    Bill Leadbitter
    DC Jeff Stickly
    Cynthia Powell
    Mrs. Sterling
    James Smith
    Rev. Morton
    Boris Isarov
    Rowena King
    Roberta Ford
    Andrew Wilde
    Desk sergeant
    David Hayman
    G.F. Newman
    Associate Producer
    Simon Mills