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The Picnic

by BBC


Margie is a middle-aged schoolteacher who takes one of her pupils, Ray, as her second husband.

Ray is about half Margie’s age, athletic, impulsive and semi-illiterate: an unknown quantity. We first meet the couple on their wedding day and their relationship develops as they sweetly and playfully discover more about each other. But as the weeks unfold the difference in age and class begin to take their toll. When a local prostitute is savagely murdered Margie can’t stop the dreadful irrational feeling that her husband might be responsible. As with the best thrillers the audience is kept half a step ahead of the protagonist. The bleak and cold Fenland exteriors create a landscape that is as threatening as distant thunder and the open ending is a heartstopper.


Billie Whitelaw
Iain Glen
Sarah Jane Holm
Paul Seed
Lesley Bruce


Another finely scripted, directed and acted production for the BBC Screen 2 series.