Jack Taylor: The Magdalen Martyrs

by Magma Films


Galway Private Eye Jack Taylor is hired by the daughter of a former inmate of the infamous Magdalen Laundries to find the identity of a nun, known only as Lucifer, so called for the pleasure she took in torturing those in her care.

But files that would have shown her identity are missing from Church Records and Jack is immediately warned off further investigation by local hard man Bill Cassell. The threat serves only as red rag to a bull. As the mystery deepens it seems someone is out to avenge themselves on Lucifer by killing those she holds most dear. It’s a race against time for Jack to discover the nun’s identity and stop the clinically executed murders.


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In this latest episode, a harrowing tale involving former inmates of the notorious Magdalen Laundries, the script went deeper, telling us why Jack’s mother Mary is such a difficult woman who finds it so hard to love. Novels go into that sort of detail but when they’re adapted for TV, it’s often left out in favour of sex and violence. Not here. Another reason why these adaptations have been A-class all the way through.

– Daily Express, Matt Baylis

In tonight’s episode of these sharply observed, well acted stories Jack, wonderfully played by Iain Glen, is hired to find a nun who tortured her charges at one of the infamous Irish laundries.

– Daily Mail

It’s the last case for Ken Bruen’s gruff, drunken, foul-mouthed detective with a heart of bile, Jack Taylor (Iain Glen), as he’s hired by the daughter of a victim to track down the nun who terrorised her mother. As ever there’s a complication; and this time it’s personal. Expect lots of bleak Irish atmosphere and razor sharp one-liners from the ever-eloquent Taylor.

– The Daily Telegraph


Iain Glen
Jack Taylor
Nora-Jane Noone
Kate Noonan
Killian Scott
Cody Farraher
Muireann Bird
Paraic Breathnach
Father Malachy
Josie Carlin
Mary – Young
Liam Carney
Bill Cassell
Midie Corcoran
Nick Lee
Detective Kavanagh
Stella McCusker
Rita Monroe
Orla McGovern
Eileen Flood
Aine Ni Mhuiri
Mrs. Taylor
Síghle Ní Chonail
Mrs. Bailey
Darine Ní Dhonnchadha
Maggie McCarthy
Sarah O’Toole
Eoin Thornton
Seamus Flood
Stuart Orme
Clodagh Freeman
Ralph Christians
Exec Producer
Marteinn Thorisson
John Conway



…these adaptations have been A-class all the way through.