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  • Synopsis

    When Earth becomes uninhabitable for humans, the ruling elite settle on planet Kepler 209. But its atmosphere makes the new inhabitants sterile.

    Two generations later the Ulysses programme is set up to determine whether life is possible on Earth again. Mission Ulysses II is launched to confirm it one way or the other. The space capsule loses control when it hits Earth’s atmosphere. Blake (Nora Arnezeder) is the only astronaut to survive the landing – but she finds out that she is not alone on Earth. A fight for survival begins and Blake has to make decisions that will determine the fate of humanity.

    The film was released as The Colony in the USA on 27th August 2021.

  • Reviews

    The impressive, atmospheric second feature from Tim Fehlbaum balances hope for the future of mankind against the grim realities of a neo-colonial dystopia.

    Screen International, Wendy Ide

    …an interesting, impressive-looking film that is well worth a watch for fans of desolate, but optimistic post-apocalyptic sci-fi.

    Starburst, Ben Bradley

    Atmospheric sci-fi anchored by an engaging performance from Nora Arnezeder.

    Little White Lies, Josh Slater-Williams

    It’s strikingly well shot, creating a vivid atmosphere as a grim drama about humanity unfolds in deliberately drab settings.

    Shadows on the Wall, Rich Cline

    Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth half-way between Mad Max and Waterworld comes a nifty sc-fi adventure that gives fresh visual polish to some well-worn ideas about rebuilding society from the ashes of the wasteland.

    Jim Schembri

    Performance Worth Watching: Iain Glen. […] The supporting turns from Glen and Roche are strong. […] The Colony offers a hodgepodge of themes, but achieves physical scale for its sci-fi premise with moody cinematography and a probing screenplay.

    Decider, Johnny Loftus

    This film succeeds in crafting both a bleak, watery, post-apocalyptic Earth and a warm, involving human story about relationships.

    Common Sense Media, Jennifer Green

  • Awards

    Bavarian Film Awards 2021:

    • Best Direction – Tim Fehlbaum
    • Best Cinematography – Markus Förderer
  • Credits

    Nora Arnezeder
    Louise Blake
    Iain Glen
    Sarah-Sofie Boussnina
    Sope Dirisu
    Sebastian Roché
    Blake’s Father
    Joel Basman
    Kotti Yun
    Bella Bading
    Chloé Heinrich
    Young Blake
    Eden Gough
    Tim Fehlbaum