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  • Synopsis

    Three women are abducted, raped, mutilated and left for dead.

    When one survives, she is able to finger the charismatic Damon Morton (Iain Glen) as the perpetrator, and initially it looks like an airtight case. However, when Morton’s three employees each step forward to take the blame, and his wife Cindy provides an alibi, things become much more complicated. Morton is clearly guilty, but with his charming smile and personality he seems to have everyone under his sway… including the jury.

    Many believe this is the strongest of the Trial and Retribution series. Television this daring is all too rare.

  • Reviews

    Trial and Retribution 2 was compelling. David Hayman was mesmerizing as Det Supt Walker and a very large bouquet of red roses to Iain Glen who, in the controlling, demonic serial killer Brian Morton, created one of the great T.V monsters of all time.

    Times, Alison Graham

    It was utterly gripping. David Hayman and Iain Glen were magnificent, the one restlessly explosive, the other glacially implosive. Because the script and the playing were tip-top, the split screen offered even more. Sure this is Grand Guignol, but so is ‘Psycho’. We knew who dunnit, but only a gruesome twist in the tale prevented his motiveless malignity going unpunished.

    The Observer

    Consistently classy and always entertaining.

    The Times

  • Credits

    David Hayman
    Det. Supt. Michael Walker
    Kate Buffery
    Det. Insp. Pat North
    Iain Glen
    Damon Morton
    Dorian Lough
    D.S. Satchell
    Simon Callow
    Rupert Halliday
    Deborah Findlay
    D.C. Jill Ashton
    Emma Croft
    Cindy Morton
    Hugh Dancy
    Roberto Bellini
    Andrew Buckley
    Jimmy Garrett
    Linda Henry
    Marilyn Spark
    Christine Tremarco
    Cheryl Goodall
    Roger Alborough
    Sgt. Morris
    Helen Anderson
    Carol Lennox
    Peter Gowen
    Colin Lennox
    Camilla Hunsley
    Charmaine Morton
    George Asprey
    D.C. Hutchens
    William Bass
    Karl Morton
    Nicholas Beveney
    Vincent Nailer
    Nicholas Blane
    Derek Waugh
    Enzo Cilenti
    Antonio Bellini
    Rowena Cooper
    Corinna Maddox
    Stephen Critchlow
    I.D. Officer
    Richard Durden
    Dr. John Foster
    Diana Fairfax
    Mona Hammond
    Bibi Harrow
    Andrew Havill
    Crispin Oxley
    Edward Jewesbury
    Judge Jeffries
    Mario Kalli
    Mehmet Al Said
    David Kennedy
    P.C. Phelps
    Shirley King
    Mrs. Garrett
    Paul Kynman
    D.S. Batchley
    Joseph Long
    Salvatore Bellini
    Sebrene Maher
    Justine Harrow
    Sian Martin
    Susie Harrow
    Iain Mitchell
    Julie Mullen
    Mrs. Goodall
    Deobia Oparei
    D.C. Palmer
    George Pensotti
    Judge Geoffrey Winfield
    Simon Robson
    Lawrence Camplin
    Daniel Ryan
    D.S. Brown
    Danny Sapani
    Nicky Burton
    Aisling Walsh
    Producers include:
    Lynda La Plante
    Steve Lanning
    Writer (devised by)
    Lynda La Plante
    Writers (teleplay)
    Lynda La Plante
    Vaughan Kinghan
    Howard Baker



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