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  • Synopsis

    Twenty-year-old photographer Tim Page finds himself caught up in the horror and carnage of the Vietnam War.

    Amidst the brutality and cynicism of war-torn Saigon, he discovers warmth and tenderness in his relationship with Danielle and later with Kate. But the bond that endures most is with Sean, the son of Errol Flynn and a fellow rookie correspondent. Together they relish taking the risks that their older and war-weary colleagues shun. And when they return exhausted from the nightmares of the battlefield, they seek oblivion in sex, drugs and rock’n roll. All are on offer at Frankie’s House.

  • Reviews

    Journalists who covered the Vietnam War experienced the conflict between moral and professional values in its most acute form. For that reason alone ‘Frankie’s House’ (ITV) would have made timely viewing, based as it is on Tim Page’s true story of a gang of war correspondents sharing a house in Saigon. But in fact this four-part series held it’s own in straight dramatic terms. This was partly due to fine performances by Iain Glen and Kevin Dillon… The script avoided sentimentalising a set of alliances made under grisly circumstances.

    The Observer, John Naughton

    It’s a wonderful yarn, with lots of male bonding amidst the bullets and the brothels. A very compelling concoction.

    The Sunday Times

  • Awards

    1993 BAFTA Awards

    • Won Best Original Television Music (Jeff Beck, Jed Leiber)
  • Credits

    Iain Glen
    Tim Page
    Kevin Dillon
    Sean Flynn
    Steven Vidler
    Steve Cotler
    Alan David Lee
    Martin Stuart-Fox
    Stephen Dillane
    Antony Strickland
    Alexandra Fowler
    Kate Richards
    Kaline Carr
    Danielle Charasse
    Todd Boyce
    John Steinbeck IV
    Nicholas Hammond
    Major Frey
    Kay Tong Lim
    Marilyn Allen
    Mrs. Page
    Steve Bastoni
    GI Jarvis
    Don Battee
    Che Lai Marine Sergeant
    Damian Cudmore
    Gerald Matthew Good
    Tay Ninh Lieutenant
    Ron Hackett
    Mr. Page
    Peter Hathaway
    Martin Maddell
    GI Reeves
    Candido Minniti
    Christopher Pate
    Chief Petty Officer
    Chad Tyler
    An Khe Murray
    Alan Zitner
    Peter Fisk
    Writers (screenplay)
    Andy Armitage
    Matt Ford
    John Lonie
    Writer (original story)
    Tim Page
    Matt Carroll
    Eric Fellner
    Ross Berryman



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