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Strike Back: Project Dawn

by Left Bank Pictures


Section 20 captures Gerald Crawford (Iain Glen), a former Royal Marine-turned-arms dealer with ties to Latif, as he is about to make a sale.

But Crawford reveals the weapons were intended as an exchange for his daughter, Doctor Claire Somersby, who was kidnapped by the Janjaweed (a tribe of armed rebels) from an aid hospital in Darfur, Sudan. Section 20 agrees to rescue her so long as Crawford provides information on Latif’s whereabouts. During the exchange Janjaweed chieftain Tahir escapes with Claire and Scott is badly wounded by Crawford’s concealed accomplices. Crawford, Stonebridge and Jacoub, a hired driver whose family was a casualty of the Janjaweed, embark on an insane mission to facilitate Claire’s release.


But it was Iain Glen who gave the most layered performance of the week as Crawford. Like Tahir, Crawford seems to have an amoral attitude towards his dealings with Latif and his betrayal of Section 20. However, when his daughter is threatened, it’s clear that Clare is the only thing that matters to him. And it’s his love for her that gives Crawford some needed dimension.

– The Mail

“It’s awesome! Everything that’s capable of exploding explodes. What was a decent but unexceptional military action show is now Naked 24.”

– The Guardian, Jonathon Bernstein

“Good action, good characters and, besides, it’s the only show in the history of TV where the term, “[fucking prick]” is code. I mean, you gotta love that, no?”

– New York Post


Philip Winchester
Sgt. Michael Stonebridge
Sullivan Stapleton
Sgt. Damien Scott
Rhashan Stone
Maj. Oliver Sinclair
Michelle Lukes
Sgt. Julia Richmond
Amanda Mealing
Col. Eleanor Grant
Richard Armitage
John Porter
Jimi Mistry
Eva Birthistle
Capt. Kate Marshall
Alexandra Moen
Kerry Stonebridge
Natalia Avelon
Sasha Behar
Iman Zubedah
Ferenc Lengyel
Iain Glen
Gerald Crawford
Laura Haddock
Dr. Clare Somersby
Mel Raido
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Liam Cunningham
Daniel Connolly
David Haig
Christopher Manning
Alyy Khan
Maj. Gen. Kohli
Orla O’Rourke
Adrian Rawlins
John Allen
Bálint Adorjáni
Nick Boraine
Harry Curtis
Fenar Mohammed-Ali
Fraser James
Matak Achmed
Alistair Petrie
Kenneth Bratton
Annabelle Wallis
Dana Van Rijn
Abdul Salis
Alex Holmes


It was Iain Glen who gave the most layered performance of the week as Crawford.

– The Mail