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  • Synopsis

    Amid the deep greens and dappled sunlight of a cloud forest in Rwanda, a family of mountain gorillas is at leisure and play.

    Sitting with them is a woman who mimics their movements, pretends to chew leaves and gains the acceptance of the group’s dominant silverback. That woman is Dian Fossey.

    The remarkable adventure of pioneering primatologist Fossey unfolds in this film directed by Michael Apted and shot mainly in the Rwandan habitat of the Mountain gorillas. Diane Fossey was a charismatic and commanding figure, driven by a single-mindedness that proved to be both her strength and her undoing.

  • Reviews

    Sigourney Weaver gives a towering, Oscar caliber performance in Michael Apted’s biopic about courageous anthropologist Dian Fossey who devoted and risked her to save Africa’s vanishing breed.

    Emanuel Levy

    It’s hard to make a concrete declaration when Ellen Ripley is right there on the resume, but it’s likely that Sigourney Weaver’s greatest performance can be found in Gorillas in the Mist.

    Film Frenzy, Matt Brunson

  • Awards

    1989 Academy Awards, USA

    • 5 Oscar Nominations including Best Actress, Sigourney Weaver
    • Best Writing, Anna Hamilton Phelan

    1990 BAFTA Awards

    • Nominated for Best Cinematography, John Seale & Alan Root

    & 6 other Awards and Nominations including:

    • Two Golden Globes
  • Credits

    Sigourney Weaver
    Dian Fossey
    Bryan Brown
    Bob Campbell
    Julie Harris
    Roz Carr
    John Omirah Miluwi
    Iain Cuthbertson
    Dr. Louis Leakey
    Constantin Alexandrov
    Van Veeten
    Waigwa Wachira
    Iain Glen
    David Lansbury
    Maggie O’Neill
    Konga Mbandu
    Michael J. Reynolds
    Howard Dowd
    Gordon Masten
    Peter Nduati
    Batwa chief
    Helen Fraser
    Mme. Van Vecten
    Michael Apted
    Harold T.P. Hayes
    Dian Fossey
    Anna Hamilton Phelan
    Tab Murphy
    Terence A. Clegg
    Arne Glimcher
    John Seale



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