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  • Synopsis

    Short film.

    A young boy watches a fight in a crowded bar: a masked man versus the people’s champ. But rather than boxing, this is an adult, brutal version of ‘Slaps’ – slaps that can break a man’s hand.

    Three years ago, James’ alcoholic father Michael left him and his mother, but promised he’d be back to make them proud – now, James believes the man in the mask is his father, returning as a hero, but things are not what they seem…

  • Awards

    • Chicago International Film Festival 2008 – Nominated Best Short Film
  • Credits

    Iain Glen
    Red/Michael Simmons
    Nathaniel Gleed
    Bill Nighy
    Arnold Percy
    Kieran Bew
    Benedict Wong
    Cal MacAninch
    Lloyd Hutchinson
    Chiwetel Ejiofor