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    Michael Caine returns to the vengeance-fuelled chills of GET CARTER for this contemporary thriller in which he seeks to avenge the death of an elderly friend.

    Marking his feature film directorial debut, Daniel Barber presents a London that’s a million miles away from the picturesque beauty of holiday brochures but instead a hellish city where menace lurks in the shadows of its streets. When his friend is brutally murdered by a group of disaffected youths, ex-serviceman Harry Brown (Caine) takes the law into his hands, vowing to hunt each of the culprits down.

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    Gary Young’s screenplay skillfully captures the feeling of a society that has spiraled out of control, with the police passive onlookers and serial offenders going about their businesses and perverted forms of amusement without fear of comeuppance. It won’t only be embattled pensioners who cheer as Caine turns masterfully medieval on the sneering sociopaths in our midst. The movie also represents pretty well how many of us now feel about the police. That underused actor Iain Glen is splendidly supercilious as a useless superintendent mouthing platitudes about zero tolerance.

    The Daily Mail, Chris Tookey

    Truly awesome

    GQ magazine

    Unmissable… The best British film of the year.


    Michael Caine gives the performace of a lifetime as the iconic Harry Brown . Barber’s debut film is a gripping violent thriller that’ll make any Quentin Tarantino film seem like The Magic Roundabout.

    Mail On Sunday

  • Awards

    1 win & 3 nominations including:

    • Won Best British Film – Empire Awards (2010)
  • Credits

    Michael Caine
    Harry Brown
    Emily Mortimer
    D.I. Alice Frampton
    Charlie Creed-Miles
    D.S. Terry Hicock
    David Bradley
    Leonard Attwell
    Iain Glen
    S.I. Childs
    Sean Harris
    Ben Drew
    Noel Winters
    Jack O’Connell
    Jamal Downey
    Lee Oake
    Joseph Gilgun
    Liam Cunningham
    Sid Rourke
    Marva Alexander
    Nurse #1
    Forbes KB
    Troy Martindale
    Liz Daniels
    Marvin Campbell
    Lauretta Gavin
    Neighbour’s Wife
    Radoslaw Kaim
    Claire Hackett
    Jean Winters
    Ashley McGuire
    Community WPC
    Raza Jaffrey
    Father Bracken
    Martin Wilde
    Sian Milne
    Klariza Clayton
    Unconscious Girl
    Grace Vallorani
    Daniel Berber
    Gary Brown
    Keith Bell
    Mathew Brown
    Mathew Vaughn