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    The Man Who Had All The Luck (Young Vic) was written at a cultural and historical crossroads: In 1944, when America was about to win the war and stood firm as the moral leader of the civilized work. How time passes. The play flopped in New York not, I would guess, because of its quality but because of its quirky inspiration: for the young Miller was questioning the very success culture which had brought America to its glittering pre-eminence. This is a boisterous but ironical fairy tale, hard, lyrical and warm. The writing combines colloquial vigour and gripping theatrical intensity. Its few ragged edges have an irresistible charm. Paul Unwin’s direction catches perfectly Miller’s blend of wonderment, mockery and passion. Glen and Rudi Davies, playing with controlled, fiery intensity, lead an excellent cast full of tenderness, muscle and fire.

    The Sunday Times, John Peter

    As seemingly inevitable catastrophes are stolen from him, Iain Glen’s Beeves begins to ride his luck with moral dread. It’s a mesmerising performance from Glen who bridges the transition from wide-eyed grafter to haunted cynic with irrepressible urgency.

    Time Out, James Christopher

    It’s beautifully, sparely designed by Sally Crabb, and superbly acted by Iain Glen as the garage owner and Rudi Davies as a neurasthenic girlfriend/wife.

    The Observer, Michael Coveney

    Already one sees in the work the germ of many of Miller’s recurrent themes: impotence, madness, endless Oedipal rivalries, But the script aside, the performance is wonderful.

    What’s On, Sylvester Ike Onwordi

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    Iain Glen
    David Beeves
    Godfrey James
    J B Feller
    Paul Bentall
    Susan Dowdall
    Aunt Belle
    Colin Farrell
    Patterson Beeves
    David Crean
    Amos Beeves
    Rudi Davies
    Hester Falk
    Ed Bishop
    Dan Dibble
    Christopher Robbie
    Andrew Falk / Augie Belfast
    Christopher Etteridge
    Gustav Eberson
    Paul Unwin
    Sally Crabb
    Rory Dempster
    Andy Sheppard
    Gordon Rainsford