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  • Synopsis

    Flight crash investigators lead by Marcus Hodge are sifting through the debris caused by an explosion of a civil aircraft over rural England.

    The disaster killed everyone on board and caused havoc on the ground. Despite pressure from both public and airline to declare the crash an act of terrorism, Marcus and his team are determined to reveal the truth. The investigation is thrown into disarray when it comes to light that Marcus’s estranged daughter was onboard and that she is suspected of having detonated a device mid-air.

  • Credits

    Iain Glen
    Marcus Hodge
    Sarah Parish
    Gaynor Crosswell
    Hugh Bonneville
    Phil Epson
    Betsy Brantley
    Diane Cousins
    Lee Ingleby
    Peter Stamford
    Corey Johnson
    Dean Lennox Kelly
    George A. Murphy
    Agent Veil
    John Strickland
    Mathew Graham
    Nigel McCrery
    Chrissy Skinns