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  • Synopsis

    Based on a true story, ‘Song for a Raggy Boy’ is the tale of one man’s courage to stand up and fight the regime of a boys’ Catholic Reform School in 1939 Ireland.

    William Franklin’s story is a powerful and dramatic journey from the bullet riddled streets of Madrid during the Spanish Civil War to the confined walls of a Reformatory School. He soon witnesses the priests systematic cruelty and abuse of the boys.

    A beautifully staged period piece brought to life by critically acclaimed performances, ‘Song for a Raggy Boy’ is a film dedicated to the importance of hope and self-belief in even the most difficult of circumstances.

  • Reviews

    Remarkably powerful, heartbreaking drama. A superb achievement.

    Irish Times, Michael Dwyer

    A great film made brilliant by the sheer power of the acting. Aidan Quinn and Iain Glen are magnificent.

    An absorbing, affecting drama.


  • Awards

    International Awards – 14 wins & 6 nominations including:

    Irish Film And Television Awards 2004:

    • Won Best Cinematography (Peter Robertson)
    • Nominated Best Film Director (Aisling Walsh)
    • Nominated Best Actor in a Film (Aidan Quinn)
    • Nominated Best Irish Film

    Amiens International Film Festival 2003:

    • Audience Award Best Feature Film
    • Golden Unicorn Best Feature Film

    Copenhagen International Film Festival 2003:

    • Won Best Film
  • Credits

    Aidan Quinn
    William Franklin
    Iain Glen
    Brother John
    Marc Warren
    Brother Mac
    Dudley Sutton
    Brother Tom
    Alan Devlin
    Father Damian
    Stuart Graham
    Brother Whelan
    John Travers
    Liam Mercier
    Chris Newman
    Patrick Delaney
    Andrew Simpson
    Gerard Peters
    Mark Butler
    Bernard Manning
    Samuel Bright
    Robert Sheehan
    O Reilly
    Caoimhin Barra Doherty
    Michael McGee
    John Collins
    O Connor
    Michael Scott
    Robert White
    Michael Sloan
    Sean Peters
    Claus Bue
    Bishop Conlon
    Jude Sweeney
    Father O’Driscoll
    Joe O’Gorman
    Sergeant Fitzpatrick
    Simone Bendix
    Danny Sapani
    Juan José Ballesta
    Aisling Walsh
    Patrick Galvin
    Kevin Byron Murphy
    Aisling Walsh
    Tristan Lynch
    Dominic Wright
    John McDonnel
    Kevin Byron Murphy



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