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  • Synopsis

    The team at Section D is in mourning following the tragic death of Ros Myer’s who was killed in an explosion whilst trying to save the British Home Secretary.

    Section Chief, Harry Pearce, is hit particularly hard by the loss and he’s dismayed to learn a trusted friend has blood on their hands. Harry wants revenge and will stop at nothing to get it. While Lucas North’s past finally comes crashing down on him when he is visited by an unwelcome ghost from his past and comes face to face with Harry Pearce in a confrontation that will change Section D forever. Will his personal life and the secret he’s so desperately trying to hide take priority over his work at MI5? The new series of this thrilling drama will introduce a host of new characters (Iain Glen, Simon Russell-Beale, Sophia Miles) who shake things up and give cause for concern as Section D are left wondering who can really be trusted. Friendships will be tested and the depth of deceit will lead to an unprecedented game of cat and mouse for the Spooks.

  • Reviews

    Spooks remains as tight, gripping and exceptionally watchable as it was in series one

    The Daily Telegraph, Catherine Gee

    There’s no doubt that Spooks still delivers high-class escapism at its slickest and most entertaining

    Daily Express

    A note on Vaughn: Beautifully and ambiguously played by Iain Glen.

    The Guardian

    Spooks still delivers high-class escapism at it’s slickest and most entertaining.

    The Daily Telegraph

    TV’s bravest drama series, in which the only thing to expect is the unexpected.


    It’s still fantastically febrile drama, packed with plot and adventure.

    Radio Times

    It’s the usual manic blend of slickness, thuggishness and po-facedness, with Simon Russell Beale and Iain Glen joining in on the breathless and unhinged fun.

    The Independent, Ben Walsh

  • Awards

    Spooks has won a multitude of awards over the years, including:

    • BAFTA – Best Drama Series
    • Royal Television Award -Best Drama Series
    • Broadcast Awards Drama – Best Drama Series
  • Credits

    Peter Firth
    Harry Pearce
    Richard Armitage
    Lucas North
    Sophia Myles
    Beth Bailey
    Iain Glen
    Vaughan Edwards
    Fiona Glascott
    Danielle Ortiz
    Nicola Walker
    Ruth Evershed
    Shazad Latif
    Tariq Masood
    Max Brown
    Dimitri Levendis
    Uriel Emil Pollack
    Laila Rouass
    Maya Lahan
    Simon Russell Beale
    Home Secretary
    Colin Salmon
    Alton Beecher
    Hugh Simon
    Malcolm Wynn-Jones