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  • Synopsis

    A young man exacts revenge for the seduction of his girlfriend with a brutal murder outside a rainswept village dancehall.

    His victim is the brother of a local policeman and the latter’s dogged determination that ‘law and justice will have to be satisfied’ provokes an unrelenting manhunt through the nooks and crannies of the remote highlands of Scotland.

    This is a film of distilled and elemental beauty, full of suspense, excruciating sadness and most importantly, hope.

  • Reviews

    In some respects, director Peter Barber Fleming uses the austere grandeur of the Highlands in an almost archetypal manner… the community here is at odds with itself and the poetic savagery of the rugged locale matches the grim cat and mouse struggle that ensues. Ultimately both novel and film are concerned with reaffirmation; the changing seasons provide comfirmation of a natural world’s inclination for rebirth and growth… Iain Glen is noteworthy, effectively capturing the emotional turmoil and survival instinct of a man driven to take a life and then forced to protect his own from the inevitable retribution. Andrew Keir as the snowy haired weather beaten sailor is equally impressive as the man who knows how to make a tricky moral stand.

    The Listener, Allan Hunter

  • Credits

    Andrew Keir
    Sandy Ross
    Michael Carter
    Nicol Menzies
    Iain Glen
    Allan Innes
    Nigel Stock
    The Rev Davidson
    Arabella Weir
    Liz Murison
    Yvonne Gilan
    Widow Macleay
    Emma D’Inverno
    Jake Fox
    Young Allan
    Paul Kermack
    John Malcolm
    Alison Key
    Nurse Simpson
    Jon Croft
    Police Inspector
    Alan Tall
    Clem Davies
    Ewan Emery
    Young Sandy
    Terry Cade
    Robert Menzies
    Peter Barber Fleming
    Norman McCandlish
    Writer (Book)
    Neil Gunn
    Writer (Screenplay)
    Stewart Conn