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  • Synopsis

    A truck driver stops beside a busy road and discovers a severed arm.

    The following day a fisherman finds a leg and it looks like a murderer is disposing of his victim one piece at a time.

    This fourth episode in the series continues to develop the characters that have become familiar to us. We learn why Jean Taggart is in a wheel chair and discover that Jim Taggart is starting to question his future in the marriage.

  • Credits

    Mark McManus
    DCI Jim Taggart
    Neil Duncan
    DS Peter Livingstone
    Harriet Buchan
    Jean Taggart
    Robert Robertson
    Dr. Stephen Andrews
    Iain Anders
    Supt. Jack McVitie
    Alex Norton
    George Bryce
    Iain Glen
    Scott Adair
    Siobhan Redmond
    Judy Morris
    Christian Rodska
    Alex Dewar
    Dave Anderson
    Dave McSwean
    Monica Brady
    Edna Bryce
    Don Gallagher
    DS Dave Watson
    Corinne Harris
    Rosy French
    Stuart Hepburn
    DS Kenny Forfar
    Andrew McCulloch
    Fred Swan
    Julie Miller
    Caroline Patton
    Claire Nielson
    Rhona Cameron
    Louise Scott
    Judy Sweeney
    Jane Forfar
    June Watson
    Jessie Clark
    Finlay Welsh
    Angus Robinson
    Jan Wilson
    Betty Swan
    Haldane Duncan
    Glenn Chandler
    Graeme Gordon
    Walter McGill



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