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  • Synopsis

    April 17th 1945. The Battle for Berlin raged through Northern Germany.

    But a British Ambulance unit was diverted from the frontline to handle an unfolding medical crisis. The liberation of Belsen did not bring an end to the death toll. Instead, it was the start of a humanitarian catastrophe. 40,000 prisoners trapped in a man-made camp of indescribable squalor; deprived of food, clothing and basic medical care. In the space of one month an international team of doctors and nurses battled against logistical hurdles and administrative red tape to save thousands of lives and build the largest hospital in Europe.

  • Reviews

    Covering a period of a month after the British liberated Bergen-Belsen, this exemplary captivating drama-doc has a certain epic quality. The film packs a powerful punch and is a reminder that we yearn for happy endings in stories because there aren’t any in life. Utterly gripping and not to be missed.

    The Guardian

    Powerful and haunting.

    The Financial Times

    The performance that defines the drama comes from Iain Glen as James Johnston, the army medial officer in charge you can almost see his spirit cracking by the end you’ll be left blinking back the tears.

    Evening Standard

    The Relief of Belsen delivered a vivid impression of what the rescue operation must have been like and made you prouder than ever of that generation of British soldiers.

    The Times

    It combines a top-notch cast including Iain Glen and a first rate script artfully told and deeply moving.

    The Telegraph, Abi Grant

    The acting was as fine as one would expect from a a cast that included Iain Glen and not one but two Redgraves, Corin and Gemma. A worthy project, expertly accomplished.

    The Independent

    The use of hand-held camera adds vividness and it tells a largely unknown story so that – most unusually in historical faction – there is real dramatic tension.

    The Sunday Times

  • Awards

    • BAFTA nomination for Best Specialist Factual
    • Broadcast Awards – Won Best Single Drama
    • Royal Television Society Nomination for Best History
    • Nominated Best Drama Documentary, Grierson Awards
  • Credits

    Iain Glen
    James Johnston
    Corin Redgrave
    Glyn Hughes
    Jemma Redgrave
    Jean McFarlane
    Paul Hilton
    Leslie Hardman
    Nigel Lindsay
    Mervyn Gonin
    Tobias Menzies
    Derrick Sington
    Frog Stone
    Hadassah Bimko
    Henry Pettigrew
    Alexander Paton
    Katrine Bach
    Lotti Burns
    Simon Day
    Major Stadler
    Oliver Ford Davies
    Martin Lipscomb
    Iddo Goldberg
    Emmanuel Fisher
    Vern Griffiths
    Richard Dimbleby
    Erich Redman
    Hans Eckhart
    Christopher Sloman
    Cecil Warren
    Justin Hardy
    Peter Guiness
    Justin Hardy
    Justin Hardy (Hardy And Sons)
    Susan Horth
    Catherine Alen-Buckley