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    It’s a touching, brilliant construction. It’s both deeply thought and deeply felt. It works superbly in the intimate atmosphere of the Donmar. The acting is like Michael Blakemore’s direction: exquisite, hard, and precise. I should book soon if I were you.

    The Sunday Times, John Peter

    Under Michael Blakemore’s sensitive direction the cast perform with distinction. Iain Glen and Teresa Banham make us understand what it is like to be so newly-planted in love one is forever digging up its roots of see how they have grown.

    Daily Mail, Jack Tinker

    There are fine performances in the two main roles from Iain Glen and Teresa Banham: both of them are fresh and engaging, but neither of them tries to convert the play into the routine romantic drama which it isn’t. Brenda Bruce also scores as the disenchanted landlady who has seen it all before (not that she has necessarily got it right either), and Michael Blakemore directs the proceedings with the intelligence they deserve.

    Sunday Telegraph, John Gross

    Michael Blakemore’s fine production expertly keeps the mood upbeat but has sufficient flexibility to accommodate moments of wistful profundity or panic.

    The Independent, Paul Taylor

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    Teresa Banham
    Iain Glen
    Brenda Bruce
    Michael Blakemore
    Ashley Martin-Davis
    Mark Henderson
    Lighting designer
    Conrad Blakemore